Yahoo Jumps on the Social Wagon

Yahoo, in an attempt to get something to boost it’s dwindling search performance, is now jumping into the open social world by offering up the ability to share your social content (tweets, yelp reviews, rss feeds, etc..) on your Yahoo profile.

With 40 million ACTIVE users in the United States alone- (and we’re waaay behind some other countries…China, India…), there’s good reason for them to climb on board. According to Netpop Research LLC, social networking has grown 93% since 2006. And when you look at the rapid growth rate of the main social networks (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), you realize they’d be crazy not to attempt to join the craze.

While it sounds very familiar to friendfeed, it’ll be interesting to see how well they pull this off. Yahoo does have some very good products (BOSS , Flickr, Yahoo Answers, Site Explorer ), but I’ve never really thought of Yahoo as a place to network or socialize. Maybe that’s going to change.

Hey, at least they’re still trying. You can read more about this on their official blog: Share Updates from other Sites on your Yahoo! Profile | Profiles News