New Analytics Video Channel Launched!

If you do any search engine optimization, internet marketing, social media tracking, etc… you should be using some type of analytics package to help analyze user behavior and actions on your or your client’s site. Heck, you should be using analytics even if you don’t do any of those things, simply because it will help you create a better experience for the people that visit your site.

At our company we use Google analytics and I love it, especially with the recent addition of custom segmentation and reporting. Of course, if you’re brand new to this, understanding everything that it’s telling you can be a little overwhelming.

Have no fear, newbies. On their blog, Google states that they want to help you beginners out – they’ve posted a few videos on YouTube previously discussing how to act and interpret the data you see, and apparently they’ve been getting a bunch of views (upwards of 70,000 so far according to the YouTube stats). So they went ahead and launched their own channel to help all you “web analysts” out there.

Interested? Then go check out the Google Analytics videos now!