Yahoo’s Shine – typography that rocks!

Working on the internet everyday is awesome. We’re constantly learning about the hottest trends, best practices for our industry (or any industry for that matter….),  and able to communicate with the big names in web design and internet marketing-I relish every day.

However, there is one area that seems to be fairly stagnant in the arena of web design. Typography.

This isn’t to say that there aren’t those out there that understand the importance of typography in web design- John D Boardley from I love typography has a TON of resources on their site for both web and print designers.  It’s just that 75% or more of the sites I see on the internet choose not to pay a whole lot of attention to this area.

Which brings me to Yahoo’s Shine. Being used to the overly crowded layout of the Yahoo home page, Shine caught me way off-guard. Beautiful headlines (well, beautiful might be stretching it a bit…) clean layout and separation between articles- just a great design. Well worth a look if your site offers many services, maybe it’ll spark some ideas. screen grab from Yahoo\'s Shine

It’s a shame that we’re still limited to a finite number of fonts for the web (unless you use flash, sifr, or images instead), and even with FF3 support for kerning, we’ve still got a long way to go. I say we should use this time to do the best with what we’ve got-want to experiment with typography layout without wasting a ton of time? Here’s what I use: Typetester. Excellent time saver, or time waster since it’s so easy to keep playing with.


If you’ve redesigned your site, but still feel like something’s just not right still – take a look at your font styles and general typography, compare it to what you see in your favorite magazines. A little change can go a long way.