Google’s Personalized Search Wiki Update

So you should know by now that your search results are looking a little different within Google.

This is a result of the recent “auto-opt-in” personalized search listings that Google has made live. Not sure what I’m talking about? Look at this:

Google's personalized search results-notice I'm not logged in


You see that I’m not logged in, right?  OOOOOoooo, spooky. 

Not really, they just base the search results on previous searches from the same IP, during the same browsing session-or so they say…..

Don't worry, we're here to help.

we would never spy on you. honest. keep moving.

But, now let’s log in and see what kind of awesome stuff we can do!


kinda like a "hot-or-not" for websites...I say "not"

kinda like a

So when I log in, I’m presented with 2 grey boxes (up or down arrow)- simple enough. 
After saying yes (please ignore the content differences from the search queries, my head was bouncing around a bit…), your search result floats to page one at position 1, or just below the local map results. I can also comment on the SERP listing, with the comments being included in a wiki for all to view. (huh?)

So what do I think of this recent inclusion? cough*SUCKS*cough cough*CRAP*cough

I’ll hold my opinions to myself for now, but if you’d like –Search Engine Land has a good post with lots of feedback from other SEOs and internet marketers.

What do you think about it? Will this hurt or help users? SEOs?