The Death of Rank Checking Software. Courtesy of Google.

unknown_serpAhhh, remember the days when you could fire up the ol’ rank checker and whip out your clients SERP (search engine result position) for their high priority keywords?

Well, be prepared – those days are apparently numbered, according to a recent post on SearchEngineLand from contributor Matt McGee.

Though still in the experimental phase, Google has been working on an ajax-based search results system which, if widely implemented, could cause quite a headache for SEO professionals who use automated rank checking tools. 

But that’s not the only software that might be affected. Web Analytics data uses a similar technique to find out what referring keywords sent a visitor to your site – if that stops working correctly, people are going to be lighting some torches and heading towards Google’s HQ. 

The post included a quote from a google spokesperson, who said:

“We’re continually testing new interfaces and features to enhance the user experience. We are currently experimenting with a javascript enhanced result page because we believe that it may ultimately provide a faster experience for our users. At this time only a small percentage of users will see this experiment. It is not our intention to disrupt referrer tracking, and we are continuing to iterate on this project.”

I’ve never had a problem with slow results on Google, so I’m not really sure what they mean by “faster experience” – and I’m not sure that this is the way I want to find out.  We’ll keep you posted of any updates regarding this search test. If you want some more info on this story, check out the original post at Smackdown.