Mobile Search Info You Need To Know

Haven’t posted in over a week, so I wanted to make sure I offered up something worthwhile. Well fortune must be shining on me, because I just stumbled across this excellent post on mobile search ranking factors from Will Critchlow.

Without stealing all his thunder, here are some quick points to take away:

  • Google is currently dominating mobile search (no big surprise there), with around a 60% market share.
  • The emergence of new generation web-capable devices like the iPhone are driving mobile search – 35 million mobile searches in Q3 of this year (UK)
  • Page Rank is apparently NOT a major factor in ranking higher in mobile search.
  • Time and location are much more important than links for mobile search.
  • If you’re planning on targeting mobile search, it’s still pretty early in the game but you better get moving fast

Here’s my favorite part – How to build a site that does well in mobile search:

  • Small, lightweight and fast-loading site (< 20kb / page)
  • XHTML Mobile 1.0 Doctype
  • UTF-8 character encoding
  • JPEG / GIF images
  • Content including “mobile”
  • On-site keyphrase optimisation as usual (with a focus on short titles, and small amounts of body copy)

Will also spells out many of the factors that lead people to search differently when using mobile devices, but you’ll have to check out his post for all that! Definitely worth the read.

In case you missed it early on, here’s his mobile search factors post.