Linkbuilding and Search Engine Queries – Big Time Saver!

Busy, busy, busy.

I guess that’s a good thing. If you do any search engine optimization or internet marketing on a continual basis, you’re eventually going to get to a point where you just don’t have time to search for help on a subject or explore new resources because you’ve got too much work to do and barely enough time to get it done. I know all about it.

One of the biggest time drainers for me (and probably for most other SEO’s) is building inbound links that are worth any value. The process usually goes like this:

  • find competitors who rank higher for the same or similar keywords
  • find out who’s linking to them
  • export results to spreadsheet
  • filter & explore links to note worthiness of link
  • create list
  • contact site owners
  • tell site owners how awesome their site is
  • contact site owners again
  • mention you have a site relevant to what they do, etc… ask, beg, cry for a link back.
  • go outside – scream – come back in and repeat

Of course I could wind up with another 100 bullet points if I kept going, but you get the idea.

Finally- the payoff.

Long story short – if you want to filter through these links BEFOREhand, you’ll need to pull out the search query link modifiers. Sound scary? It is. There is a SICK amount of information you can get by using these when doing your link research.

Here is an example: How would you find a list of sites you could link to your Indiana Jones Tribute site that include one of your keywords in the linking page’s title?

Answer: intitle:indiana

NOTE: I recommend using Yahoo for your search queries, since they seem to have the most accurate data. Extra note: doing these search queries in Yahoo’s site explorer is even better, as it will offer up suggestions for the intitle keywords. veeerry cool

For your patience, listed below are a few links for you to visit that give you pretty much all the link query identifiers you’ll ever need.Note: all links open in new windows because I can’t bear to see you leave.

SEOmoz-link post

Ann Smarty’s killer post on link queries

Search Engine Query Cheatsheet download from e3Internet

….and I’m spent. Til next time….