More Proof the Internet Is Good For Business.

Let’s start the New Year off with some GOOD news to get you motivated!

According to a November report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, online advertising revenue totaled $17.3 billion in the first nine months of the year, compared with $15.2 billion in the year-ago period.

“If you look at the Internet relative to other sectors, it’s amazingly robust. No firms have gone bust, they’re all still there — even Yahoo,” said Sanford C. Bernstein analyst Jeff Lindsay.

Sometime in the second or third quarter of next year will be the start of the next bull market in Internet stocks,” he predicted. “It’s just a matter of holding on until then, which they all seem to be able to do.”

A lot of that revenue came from Yahoo Shopping and Google’s newly re-branded Product Search.

While Yahoo is still No.1 in comparison shopping, according to ComScore, Google is burning up the internet e-commerce highway – managing to land a spot in the top 5 for 2008. In a recent post, Arnold Zafra brought up the growth numbers for Google’s Product Search (formerly Froogle) – up 768% from one year ago!

While Google’s 11.8 MILLION unique visits in November 2008 doesn’t come close to Yahoo Shopping’s 27.6 Million uniques for the same month, it’s still a remarkable achievement. I didn’t necessarily expect the growth to be that fast, but it’s completely understandable. I’ve been recommending Google Product Search to many of our e-commerce clients as another revenue of traffic for product sales because of it’s simple setup and easy functionality.


SEO scam of the week –

I’m not the type of person that goes and dogs out other businesses, but when I see something this shady – I just have to say something. Here’s hoping that someone hears it.

One of my SEO clients shot me an email this morning, inquiring about my thoughts on this:

Hello, Let us introduce you to our unique technology, which can place YOUR WEBSITE AS A BILLBOARD ON TOP OF ALL MAJOR SEARCH ENGINES (Google, Yahoo, MSN), framing above all your competitors! To see how our technology works, go to our website and see our ONLINE DEMO in 3 easy steps: 1. Go to and click on ONLINE DEMO 2. Enter your URL where indicated: 3. Enter your desired keyword – and click Go! With our technology you get: – Full year EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS for chosen keywords – No Pay per Click charge – No Bidding competition to get higher position than competitor – No other company can own keyword during your paid period – Fixed advertising budget – Keyword-Targeted Visitors to your website (Reach consumers the exact time they search your keywords) If you want to get more informations, please contact us and our representatives will kindly guide you through our technology and terms. You also can Request Quote for list of desired keywords here and our SEO specialists will give you estimate traffic and cost of chosen keywords. We look forward to your response. Sincerely, Spam company

Obviously crap, right? But to be the helpful SEO guy that I am, I decide to check them out so I can send back some actual info to the client instead of just saying – oh, it’s spam. Time wasting, yes, but sometimes it’s nice to know how these jerks work.

The premise is certainly inviting: I can buy up whatever keyword or phrase i want, assuming they’re still available – (a quick check shows they are-“free money”, “seo”, “chocolate”,etc… all still available. awesome! I’m going to OWN the internet now.).  Then I guess what’s supposed to happen is that whenever someone types in MY keyword that I own into the search engine, or youtube, or where ever, that MY SITE WILL SHOW UP AT THE VERY TOP!!!!  Here’s a screenshot of the demo to prove it!

scam company demo screenshot -

scam company demo screenshot -

Oh wait. not so cool.

The demo is run off of their domain and just loads the selected site into a frame underneath my site. Looks official (well, maybe to some people…), but just a bunch of baloney.

Hoping that they wouldn’t even have a listing on google, I did a quick search and saw this:

similar articles and blogs promoting the same site - lots of them...

similar articles and blogs promoting the same site - lots of them...

I was sure that I would have some uplifiting news to finish them off with, hoping they wouldn’t rank for any other terms – such as best banner ad companies, internet advertising, etc. – but GUESS WHAT!?

The big G has them listed on the 2nd page for best banner ads. (actually position #9 according to RankChecker, though my results were slightly different.) I know they can’t catch everything, but come on. They’re even running an adwords campaign – don’t they check the site prior to approving?

I know this type of thing is probably NEVER going to end. If you’re not sure – don’t do it. Get references. AND ALWAYS READ THE TERMS.

see you in bits.