Geeky Developer Alert- Google to include cPanel with Google Sites?

Jonathon Dingman recently wrote a great blog post discussing the possible integration of cPanel with Google Sites.

In the event you don’t develop or work with websites for a living, you may want to skip this, because it’s kinda geeky. For all the other pocket pen protector wearing nerds, this could be pretty cool.

Google Sites, in case you didn’t know, is a free (well, there is a paid version too…see below) web hosting solution for people or companies that don’t know how or don’t want to waste time creating a site with HTML.  Pretty similar to blogger, except much uglier since you don’t have a ton of options for layout design. I like to think of it more as just a public or private wiki for throwing stuff up on, since it integrates pretty well with google apps. One big pet peeve- they no-follow every link you put up. Of course, you expected them to do that, didn’t you? still sucks, though.

They do offer a paid version ($50/yr per user) for 10gigs of storage space, hosted email with archiving, some support in the event you break something, etc… but no ability to load up other non-google apps, like wordpress, or joomla, or flash files. They are adding new apps and features though, such as the ability to include your company videos into the site, so you can watch your boss ramble on about ‘how neat the internet is’ or listen to him giving you a verbal video warning from the golf course.

Oh man, now I’m just rambling. Back to the point.

Since you’re still reading, you MUST work with websites, which means you MUST’ve run into cPanel before, since it’s at pretty much every hosting company. Well, Jonathon’s Inside Google blogpost uncovered some pretty nifty info the other day -After checking out google’s robot.txt file (hmmm, never thought to do that…) He writes:

I found this to be quiet interesting. Why does redirect to

Disallow: /hosted/life/

I first noticed the /hosted/life/ string in the robots.txt file, which is always a fun file to look over. So the /hosted/life/ redirects to /a/cpanel/life/, but the /a/ normally means hosted apps. Does this mean that Google is going to be integrating with cPanel® and its Google Apps together to create a more complete web hosting solution?

Excellent question, Jonathon.

I checked the groups for Google sites and there was certainly a big enough demand for it, at least based on the functionality improvements that users were seeking. cPanel would be a great fit. Does this mean we might be able to run wordpress on Google sites? Doubtful, since their a direct competitor to Google’s own blog service.

Still, it’ll be interesting to watch.