Google’s hot new marketing helper- Ad Planner!

Yes, I know this came out a couple of weeks ago, but I hadn’t had a lot of time to experiment with it – work takes precedence over play!

For a while now, if you wanted to obtain demographic data for your online marketing ventures, you’d probably be using a paid subscription service or flipping over to Live’s adCenter Labs for checking out user stats for a campaign you might be running.  Since I’m cheap and hate to pay for anything I don’t have to, I can’t speak too much for the paid subscriptions that might offer up this type of information, but I can tell you my thoughts on Microsoft’s demographic tool – kind of cool, but not nearly enough info to keep me coming back time after time….plus no way to download the info without making annoying screenshots.

Keep it up though, MS, we need you to keep it competitive!

Google’s Ad Planner, still in beta- if you sign up, you might get an invite- is a different story. While it is obviously aimed at the internet marketer using text or video ads (or audio, or banner, etc…) there is still a great deal of information to grab a hold of-especially if you are looking to build links with hot internet properties.

Ad Planner ScreenShot

Without going into too many details, you start by either creating a media plan or selecting research-
you’re better off starting with media plan since that’s where you’re going to wind up eventually anyway if you want to do anything useful with the data. From there, throw in your website (if you’re looking to sell your service or product offering on the web), some competition sites from the same arena, and let ad planner start working. (see screen shot above)

Note: if your service or product is in a very “niche” market, you may not get any results-if that’s the case, choose some sites related to some broader search terms.

Once you’ve got some data, the fun starts- filter the data by selecting the demographic info that you want to focus on – only looking to sell to people making more than 6 figures- easy enough, click the box- the data will recompile according to your selection.

Want to know what kind of data Ad Planner gives out? I bet you do.

a listing of the top sites related to the sites you entered.
# page views for those sites for the last 30 days
competitive index rating
Unique Visitors
what type of ads the site supports

basically, a compact analytics report on your competition. SWEEEEEEET.

I’m still playing with it, but have already pulled some of the data for a couple of campaigns we’re working on- I’ll keep you posted on whether or not the results pay off!