Google Analytics New Features – ssSMOKIN!!

Well, this is just one more reason why I should surf the net more. If you haven’t visited your Analytics account for a few days, make a point to go there now.

Google is fast on it’s way to releasing some AWESOME new enterprise level reporting features for Analytics. I’ve got most of these active on my accounts.

 Quoting from Google themselves:

They are…: Advanced Segmentation, Custom Reports, a data export API (private beta), integrated reporting for AdSense publishers (private beta), multi-dimensional data visualizations called “Motion Charts,” and an updated user and administrative interface.

For example:


Google's answer to Excel's pivot table.


If you’re not segmenting your visitors now, WHY THE HECK NOT? I’m drooling at how cool this is. But it gets better. WAY WAY BETTER.

I’m a visual person. Not to say that I don’t enjoy reading technical documents, because I do. I just don’t understand half of it until I put it in motion. So for all you people like me, take a sec and watch this video on setting up visual charts in analytics. Relax, put your feet up.

Way cool, right? yep. 

But now for the most super, ultra killer feature yet. The Data Export API. (still in private beta, unfortunately)

What can you do with it, you ask? Don’t ask me, ask Google – 

The Data Export API enables you to create software programs and applications using all read-only report level data from Analytics. The data exported can be used in any number of ways, such as building custom dashboards, creating data visualizations or interfaces, performing offline analysis, and combining/mashing Analytics data with other data sources. The API will be a platform for developers to extend Analytics data in new and practical ways, as far as can be imagined and implemented.

Now all I have to do is be the first one to develop something killer so I can give it away for free and get a crapload of backlinks. oh, what’s that? I have to go back to work and actually do something? arrrrgggh.

I really need another me.