How to Create A Great Display Ad with Adwords

Ever wanted to create those display ads that are seen across Google’s content network, but don’t have an in-house designer, or just don’t want to waste the time in Photoshop or flash creating them?

Well, wait no more – Google just realeased their own Display Ad builder, which is actually not too shabby. ┬áNow it’s not going to do anything ultra-cool, like give you the option to add a dancing lady to promote your mortgage loan (*puke*), or add video – but it DOES offer a multitude of ad template options to choose from at the start, as well as different sizes – banner, box, sidebar style….

You can watch the video below to see if it’s something you’re interested in or not-

I actually think it’s not a bad choice, if you’re currently advertising on google’s typically low performing (in my experience) content network. Anything that can improve CTRs and improve conversions is a welcome improvement.

Best of all – it’s free.