pageTracker Page Names Showing as 404 Errors in Google Webmaster Tools

Is Google crawling the custom page names used in _trackPageview?

I noticed something a little alarming this morning when checking my client’s website stats in Google’s Webmaster Tools.
gwt screenshot of site errors

Ok, so I’ve got some links that don’t resolve on my site…big deal.

Not so fast! THESE links are outbound links, which I’m tracking using Google’s handy pageTracker._trackPageview script for their Analytics program. They’re not SUPPOSED to be crawling the custom made up name I’ve assigned the links…or so I thought.

Of course it’s possible something got modified, so I immediately check the source code of the site to make sure everything is still golden –

pageTracker code

btw, the end quote ARE there, you just can't see them because of the way it's highlighted.

Yep, everything looks right – so what’s going on? Is Google crawling these custom page names? Is this just a weird glitch? According to google, the implementation seems correct.

I should note that these errors just started appearing in November – google analytics is still showing the data, so the code’s not broken. Even still, I’d rather avoid the 404 errors.

The mystery deepens.

I did some quick searches to see if I’m the only one experiencing this issue, and it doesn’t look like it. I’d love to know if anyone else is experiencing this happening, and how you’ve resolved it – if you have. Let me know! Thanks!