Social Media Marketing Keeps on Growing and Growing…


Time to Jump on the Social Bandwagon, tweets …er I mean Peeps.

According to the most recent study from the Center for Media Research and InsightExpress,  more than HALF of all marketers next year are planning on incorporating some form of social media marketing into their arsenal.

Social Media and Online Marketing will surpass traditional marketing (print, tv, radio) by almost 15% in 2010 (57 % vs. 43%), based on the answers of more than 1,100 marketers that responded between the last half of July and early August of this year.

Most popular media for 2010:

  • Email, with 56.8% realistically planning to use it
  • Social networks, at 56.3%
  • Keyword search (49.7%)
  • Radio (42.2%)
  • Magazines (42.1%)
  • Online display (40.5%)
  • Event sponsorship (36.9%)
  • Rich media display (35.5%)
  • Direct mail (34.7%)
  • Regional TV (32.8%)
  • Regional newspapers (31.7%)
  • Out-of-home (31.2%)
  • Email sponsorship (29.5%)
  • Online video (26.7%)
  • Mobile SMS text (26.1%)
  • National TV (18.2%)
  • National newspapers (14.8%)


There are some surprises here (for me, at least). Almost 32% of marketers are still choosing regional newspapers to advertise in? Maybe their market is different than mine, but the only ads I see in the paper anymore are for escort services and trash haulers.

I say keep an eye out for DOOH (digital-out-of-home) marketing. I’ve seen them testing some of these displays at restaurants and retail chains – I stop almost every time I see one. Of course, I also get tempted to call and order everything I see on HSN when I watch it my wife is watching it.


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