10 Tips for Passing Google Adwords Certification

Google Adwords Professional Exam Helpful Hints



Despite what I say later in this post, there is no longer any minimum spend requirement for passing the Adwords certification exam. Here are the current requirements for your reading pleasure. The new tests are pretty darn tough, but rest assured that the tips below are still valid. Enjoy and good luck!

Even though it seems that the SEO/SEM industry is somewhat immune from the economic downturn that’s affecting most of the U.S.,  it’s still a very good idea to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to increase your value to your company and your clients. And because our industry is still in its toddler stage, professional qualifications and certifications are limited – making them all the more important.

Google’s Adwords professional qualification status is probably at the top of the list for most recognized – which is why you need to take it as soon as you’re able.  I recently did just that (and passed first time through, …whew!) – and I thought that I would share some helpful tips to make YOUR exam experience as smooth as possible.

Obviously you know that you can’t take the test until you’ve met all the requirements. Once you’ve completed those, it’s time to get to studying.

10 Adwords Certification Tips

    Get very, very familiar with all the topics covered in the adwords learning center. Don’t rely on only the quiz sections to get you through it. Read ALL the info in both the beginner and expert sections. Note the differences in multimedia and text lessons -I’d advise going through both sections, even though Google says you don’t have to. 

    Understand the different billing options and how they work.

    Understand in depth the differences in content (now display network) and search targeting.

    Know exactly where to find information and reports within the different tabs.

    Have a solid grasp of the different bid management and ad optimization solutions.

    Don’t think that just passing the practice exam will guarantee success. The real test is substantially tougher – at least mine was. (New certification tests are even harder!)

    Download the NEW Adwords editor (if you haven’t already) – know it inside out.

    REALLY read the adwords editorial guidelines – know what you can and can’t have on your landing page. Make notes and keep them handy.

    If you have dual monitors – use them. There is no restriction on using sources while taking the exam, but you’ll quickly realize that there’s just not much time to look stuff up – roughly 100-120 questions in 1 1/2 hours. Spend too long looking it up, and you’ll find yourself scrambling at the end. (UPDATE: scratch that. The new testing browser you have to use prevents any other open applications from appearing, no matter how many monitors you have. Now as for extra laptops, I have no idea….)

    Sleep well the night before – eat a good breakfast – avoid all distractions while taking the test.

    (super secret tip) – there’s a little check box at the top right of the exam page which allows you to mark a question for later review. Make SURE to check it, otherwise you’ll never make it back to the beginning questions before time runs out  (you have to manually click back through each question if you Don’t check it). I know this, because I forgot to do it – I left several questions unanswered early on, thinking I would just return – but alas, I ran out of time. Fortunately, I must be some kind of genius, because I still passed with a pretty decent score. 😉

    If you take my advice, I feel pretty confident that you’ll more than likely pass without too much difficulty. Either way, you won’t have to wait too long to obtain your result score -if you don’t pass the first time, you can try again in a week (and pay the extra $50 again, also). But if you DO pass, you’ll get the joy of being able to place a cool little badge on your site and promotional materials, as well as some other nifty perks.

    Study Hard and Good Luck!

104 Responses to “10 Tips for Passing Google Adwords Certification”

  1. Jen Wang Says:

    A few questions for you:

    1. Is the certification useful for breaking into the SEO/SEM/Internet Marketing industry? In other words, will it add to my credentials for landing a job in the related field?

    2. Looks like I’d have to spend some money first ($1000 for an MCC account) to be eligible for taking the exam. For someone like me who’s trying to get a job and don’t have any experience or client accounts to manage yet, should I still take the exam? Or can I even take the exam w/o a MCC account?

    I’d appreciate your advice.


    • David Says:


      Achieving your Adwords Certification is certainly helpful – not only in getting a job, but also when selling to a potential client.

      I wouldn’t recommend focusing on passing your certification since you don’t have any experience yet, and no-you can’t take the exam w/o an MCC account.

      Now you could certainly spend a little bit of money to set up an adwords campaign (all you need is $5 to start…) so that you can start getting familiar with the features, and know better what to do when you DO get your first client.

      Don’t give up on trying to get into this field – it’s awesome. Best of luck to you Jen!

      • Mike Says:

        I was under the impression that you don’t have to be managing an account, have an MCC account, or maintain any ad spend to take the test and pass as a “qualified individual.” Can you double-check your info? Thanks!

      • David Pavlicko Says:

        Thanks Mike for pointing that out. Yep, I guess it’s true. That’s a good thing for a lot of people, as many clients today are really trimming back on their adspend.

        To be honest, I haven’t re-upped my certification yet since they made the change. Think I’ll get on that next week before my window for taking the free test runs out.

      • nhinquattran Says:

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  2. Chris Says:

    David – Thank you for taking the time to post these tips. I’m studying for the Adwords Certification, and will be taking the test this week. Most of the tips found on the internet are not as detailed, nor as recent as yours.

    By chance, do you know where I can find a practice test? Google has practice quizzes in their older iteration of the Adwords Learning Center but the quizzes are dated and not always still applicable.

    • David Pavlicko Says:


      Unfortunately, you won’t find any practice tests that are just like the real test. Your best bet is to go through all the lessons on both the text area and the multimedia section of the adwords learning center. Here’s the link for that: http://www.google.com/adwords/learningcenter/text/
      I would also jot down each of the sections under the tabs in your adwords account and study the editorial guidelines thoroughly. When I took the test, I had the editorial guidelines page bookmarked for quick reference.

      Just make sure you know where you need to go to look up the info if necessary – bookmark the pages you think you might have issues with so you don’t waste time hunting. Best of luck – let me know how you do!

      Thanks for reading…

      • Courtenay Probert Says:

        With respect I disagree with he statement that you wont find practice tests that are just like the real test.

        The questions at http://www.ipassexam.com/ are very close in format and style to the real test.

        I believe that formative learning utilising a question bank is an extremely effective way of both learning and identifying areas of weakness.

      • David Pavlicko Says:

        Hey there Courtenay –

        thanks for chiming in. I haven’t heard of you guys, but more power to you –

        From my point of view in the US, I don’t know if I would spend the cash to take a practice test when the real test is only $50 to begin with. But maybe there’s a market for it – good luck with that!

      • cprobert Says:

        Thanks for the comments!

        I might agree with you if the only motivation was being 50 bucks out of pocket. From the feedback I’m getting, sometimes the business foots the bill so moneys not the only issue.

        Sitting the test prematurely and the embarrassment of failing on the other hand can be a motivation factor in passing first time. Especially if you supposed to be the PPC expert in the organisation 😉

        I’ve noticed that the PPC market has more than its share of snake oil merchants willing to sell overnight success for a price. I believe there to be no such silver bullet; hard work and dedication are the only factors I’m aware of that work. For that reason I applaud your article and the preparation advice it offers.

        After all who said it has to be all hard work, there are also ways to ‘work smart’ with out succumbing to buying magic beans.

  3. Chris Says:

    One other study suggestion I thought I would pass along…download and install the Wired-marker Firefox addon (just found this today – when I did a google search for “study aid” “firefox addon”).

    Wired-Marker allows you to highlight webpages as if you had a highlight marker in your hand. It remembers the highlights too…even after closing and reopening Firefox.

    Since I didn’t feel like printing reams of paper, this is a good substitute.


  4. Chris Says:

    Well, I passed but I did want to let you, and everyone reading this, to NOT use Firefox when you take the test!

    With Firefox I experienced delays of 15-20 seconds after I clicked the NEXT button. Finally out of desperation I shut down Firefox, opened IE and started taking the test again.

    With IE everything moved quickly and I was able to easily move on to the next question. I thought by now Prometric would have a test platform that can accomodate Firefox, but I was wrong.

    • David Pavlicko Says:

      Congratulations, Chris! You are now officially worth something. 🙂

      Sorry to hear about the Firefox issue. I don’t recall that happening when I took the test, but their server was down for a couple of days when I went to take it, so I’m not arguing the fact that they need to get their game together.

  5. Husain Kurwa Says:

    Hi David,

    Great Post! I am currently working a job in merchandising but looking into switching to S.E.M. I have no formal experience managing a client campaign but I have helped on ad word campaigns at a startup I worked for. Do you think it is worth it to take the exam even without formal experience managing an ad words campaign?

  6. MAG Says:

    I work for web.com and all sales related employees must pass this exam or you will never work on any good accounts to make some real money.

    Its common sense people, study and you will pass.

  7. shikha Says:

    Hi David,
    I have gone thru the Learning Center twice and also religiously attempted the quizzes.There is one resource”Management Tutor” where you can further practice.It has approx 120 questions.I am planning to give me exam in a week.I have a query when you finish the test when do you get to know the score? Logo and other things , I know come later.

    Also please advise any further tip.I am a bit anxious after going thru many forums, posts that the exam touches many outdated topics and the level of difficulty is far higher than the quizzes 😦


  8. David Pavlicko Says:

    Hey Shikha –

    sorry I missed your comment. Hope you passed!

    I know it says that it may take a while to receive your score, but I found out right away. I’m pretty sure you’ll get access to the adwords professional center with all the badges and stuff right away, assuming you pass.

    If you haven’t taken it yet, don’t get too worked up about it – if you study and have ran some campaigns, you shouldn’t have a problem.

  9. Jacqueline Dooley Says:

    This is totally hysterical. How long did it take you to study? I didn’t follow any of these tips and passed with a 93%. I think I want to add a piece of advice – manage some campaigns in Adwords prior to taking the test. It’s all I do all day long and it’s the quickest way to learning how the system works.

  10. David Pavlicko Says:

    Wow Jacqueline!

    So you didn’t know the difference between content networks or search targeting, where to find the right billing info, or the different bid management solutions and you still got a 93%?

    I’m only messing with you – I agree that the BEST way to understand Adwords is to actually USE Adwords on a daily basis, but unless you’ve run campaigns dealing with foreign currency, trademark issues, etc…you might not be prepared for some of the questions they ask of you. And you know what they say about being prepared:

    “People only see what they are prepared to see.”
    — Ralph Waldo Emerson

    “By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.”
    — Ben Franklin

    and my personal favorite…

    “…it takes a lot of unspectacular preparation to produce spectacular results.”
    — Roger Staubach

  11. lor Says:

    Thanks for the tips!

    Just to let you know, the link for the guidlines did not work.

    Other than that, good help.

    • David Pavlicko Says:


      Appreciate the heads up on that. I fixed them – there are now 2 links to follow (one for the editorial guidelines and one for landing page specs).

      Should be good to go! 🙂

  12. David Pavlicko Says:

    Sorry Karol, the link you posted wasn’t working.

  13. Dylan Says:

    Hello All,

    Ever since Google decided to revise the AdWords Exam in November 2009, passing the test has been much more difficult. I passed the exam in January 2010, and I have created an informative article regarding all the changes and updates to the AdWords Exam.


    Please check it out, and use it as a tool to help you pass your exam on the first try!

  14. adwords marketing Says:

    thanks for your usefull post,i allready bookmarked your blog and will come back for read future post
    keep share

  15. Jewel Says:

    Sorry – question just to make sure:

    For the Individual Google Certified – do you have to manage an adwords account with a min of $1,000 spend on it???

  16. needcert Says:


    It might sound funny but i m looking for some1 who can give exam on my behalf i need the certificate asap.


    • Paige Says:

      Hi, Just wondering how much time I should budget to study for this exam prior to taking it. I have NEVER done any SEO or SEM before (but am rather tech savvy). My manager wants me to get certified and I’m trying to put together a plan to put in front of her.

      Should I plan on a month? Two months? I will probably dedicated an hour per day (5 hrs/week) on this.

      Thanks so much for the assistance!

      (@needcert: Tsk, tsk, tsk!)

      • David Pavlicko Says:


        It really depends on how quick a learner you are, and how much info you can retain in a short period of time.

        To be honest, if you’ve never run an adWords campaign before, you’ll need to spend more than an hour a day for a month to adequately prepared. It’s not that it’s super-hard, but they ask some questions that require a ‘best’ answer solution (i.e. there’s more than one right answer)…and that might be tricky for a new advertiser.

        I’m in adwords probably 5-10 hours a week and I just squeaked by with just a few points to spare on the recently updated tests. If you’re going to go for your certification, I say really dig in and get to know the ins and outs of the web interface, adwords editor, linking adwords and analytics, conversion optimization, phrase matching, reporting…you’ve got a lot of learning to do!

        Good luck!

  17. Google Adwords Certification | AdWords Nemesis Blog: Cut the Costs & Find Alternatives Says:

    […] 10 Tips for Passing Google Adwords Certification « Search … […]

  18. Google Adwords Certified | AdWords Nemesis Blog: Cut the Costs & Find Alternatives Says:

    […] 10 Tips for Passing Google Adwords Certification « Search … […]

  19. Online4income Says:

    I think you have the most useful practical tips for Google Adwords Certification. Your super secret tip is the best, something nobody knows or have mentioned anywhere. Is this check box available for individual questions or just to bookmark the page.

    • David Pavlicko Says:

      Thanks for saying that!
      They’ve actually made the check box a bit more visible in the new tests, and yes you can bookmark the individual questions.

      The bad part is you can no longer use your second monitor (if you’ve got one) to check notes or try and find the answers online as the test will block access to any other programs while your testing. Just means you’ll really have to study – I crammed all the info in my head over a couple of days and then plowed through it, passing by a narrow margin. And I’m in adwords quite a bit.

      Anyway, good luck – hope you ace it.

  20. R sharma Says:

    I am preparing for the exam, it is nice to see such blog at time of stress, which gives us motivation and information – help ful to succeed

  21. maddy Says:

    Hi every one,
    Thanks for sharing up such a good article about google adwords certification. It was very useful for me to be get certified with Google.I’m very much interested on google adwords, and am working on PPC campaigns. I think this certification is very useful for Internet Marketing Developers.

    Thanks a ton

    • mahi Says:

      Dear All,
      i have a question
      i have 2years of experience in PPC campaign management and i dont have Google Certification yet. So how does this certification makes difference for my career growth?
      Will i get more salary if i get Certified?


      • David Pavlicko Says:


        I think the main benefit is in being able to show your clients (or future employers) that you do indeed know what you’re doing and that you’re current on all the best practices regarding account setup and management. I still meet people that start all their campaigns out with only broad match keywords and don’t separate display from search – the horror! :O

        Since the test is relatively inexpensive at $50, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t go ahead and do it…just remember to study first as there are some tricky questions here and there.

        Best of luck to you Mahi!

  22. mahi Says:

    Thank you for the valuable suggestion.

  23. Saurabh Sharma Says:

    Hi David,
    All your mentioned tips are really great, but I would like to know about the test papers. From where I can get sample papers so that I can play my hands on it.

  24. kusalava reddy Says:

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  29. puneet Says:

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  33. anoop Says:

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