How Twitter is Killing Blog Authority

twitter_blogThere’s been a building consensus that twitter (and microblogging in general) has caused many in the blogging community to forego the long form prose and spit out content in short tweets instead. I certainly have seen evidence of this – especially since the beginnning of 2009 when Twitter went main stream.  Sure, the big bloggers are still blogging – just not as much.  

Unfortunately, it appears all the tweeting is causing the link authority from blogs to slowly decrease, or at least that’s Technorati‘s spin on things. And I can’t say that I completely disagree. 

They argue, with some pretty revealing stats, that the number of inbound links to Engadget from external blogs has decreased by half during the last 6 months.  This isn’t to say that those bloggers aren’t still pointing links to them, just that they’re not doing it from their blogs anymore – instead using url shortening services like tinyurl, etc.. from within Twitter. It’s simply a matter of time before the authority of that linked to site starts to fade in Google’s eyes because new links aren’t appearing. Maybe it’s time for Google to rethink the whole pageRank thing,……yeah.right.

Does this mean we should stop blogging? I don’t think so – I actually quite enjoy a lengthy post from time to time. The problem is that as of today Google and the other search engines haven’t begun to put any authority to the links or content providers on the micro blogging platforms. The main issues being the fact that all the links are no-followed, and difficult to track in analytics due to external url shortening services, although there are some link shortening options that do work.

Give it some time, though. Even Matt Cutts has stated that Google may selectively follow “no-follow” links if they feel they provide merit. For now, just keep plugging along – and if you’re not on twitter – what the heck are you waiting for!?


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