3 Killer Keyword Research Tools You Should Be Using

wordcloudAll good SEOs know that one of the most important items in any successful optimization campaign is finding the right keywords.  And as easy as that sounds, it is not that uncommon  to find out that the terms you’ve selected are not attracting the right audience.  This can be a major bummer for you and the client, especially if you’re several months into a campaign – better to take the time and find the “right” keywords from the start.

Unfortunately, the keyword tools that most people use – adwords keyword tool, wordtracker, seobook keyword tool, etc… rely mainly on search query information and NOT on typical word placement within the context of a sentence or conversational type paragraph. And those are the people you’re trying to reach – individuals who are actively discussing your product or service, and know exactly what they’re looking for.

So what do you do?  Waste hours reading wikipedia, and other articles on the subject to improve your understanding?  Perhaps. But I recently found out about some keyword resources that may save you some time, as they’ve done a lot of that leg work for you.

First up – Search Cloudlet:

This tool (as shown in the image above) does just what it says; generates a tag cloud of words found in the search engine results pages for the keyword you entered in the search bar. Tip: set your search preferences to 100 results per page for best results.

Second – Lexicon: This nifty tool displays a nice variety of related keywords specific to the search query entered.  Check out a screenshot below-

Lexicon screenshot

Lexicon screenshot

Third – Kwmap. This is one of my faves, next to cloudlet. If you’ve ever used quintura, you’ll find it to be quite similar,but I find it to be much more useful as the layout is more readable, instead of being scattered around. I especially like the fact that you can click on the related search keywords and get a whole new list relating to those terms. This is immensely useful when you need to optimize lots of pages within a site that relate to the same basic keyword – use this tool and you’ll be able to generate a pretty big catalog of additional phrases to dominate your market. I’ve included some screenshots for you to check out below.

keyword map's DNA view - each keyword is clickable

keyword map's DNA view - each keyword is clickable

easy to view keyword list of related searches

easy to view keyword list of related searches

I have to thank the always wonderful and resourceful Ann Smarty at Search Engine Journal for turning me on to these awesome keyword tools.

Hope you all like them as much as I do! Here’s to saving time and working smarter!


2 Responses to “3 Killer Keyword Research Tools You Should Be Using”

  1. Ann Smarty Says:

    My pleasure, David. Hope they will turn useful 😉

  2. Goran | Website Design Says:

    Hi David. I have been using Quintura for sometime and for the last 30 minutes you have now introduced me to a whole new world of tools. Cloudlet so far is my favourite, but I will see over the next few weeks which one I prefer. Thanks for sharing.

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