World Internet Usage – How Does the U.S. Stack Up?

Well, just as I was about to throw up this post last week, I checked the CIA factbook site to make sure my data was accurate. And what do you know? They had JUST posted some new updated data. grrreaaaat.

I may be the only one in the universe that cares about this kind of thing, but since the only place I could even find this info was on ClickZ’s site (which pulls their info from the CIA), and all they have is a standard table with no sorting options, I took it upon myself to throw the data into excel and whip out a couple interesting charts.

Let’s get started, shall we?

First up-let’s take a look at the 10 most populated countries and how many of that population use the internet.

Most Pop. Countries and their Internet User Numbers

Most Pop. Countries and their Internet User Numbers

Well, right off the bat I was amazed that less than 20% of China’s population are internet users. While they still tromp U.S. in total number of users, Americans have a higher saturation rate of internet users (around 73%) when compared to its’ total population. Japan shows up at position 3, with 80,000,000 internet users. Even worse than China with regards to pop/internet user ratio is India. Only 80 million out of India’s 1.15 BILLION people log on to the world wide web.  Surpise, surprise, surprise.

Well, that was cool. But since we’re talking about population to user ratios, let’s make a chart!

Top 10 Countries by % of Internet Users

Top 10 Countries by % of Internet Users

Oh, Hello Netherlands! I guess we know who the early adopters are! 90% of the total pop. use the internet over there…I would’ve never guessed that. Of  course, I wouldn’t have guessed MOST of these countries. Biggest surprise? Japan comes in at # 10 with a measly 69% internet user ratio. Guess they’re too busy building giant robots to waste time watching YouTube.

Still awake? Hey…are you STILL AWAKE!? ok, that’s better. Here comes the big sendoff – a super massive (well, maybe not that massive) chart of the TOP 30 countries by highest number of total internet users.

Top 30 Countries with highest Number of Internet Users

Top 30 Countries with highest Number of Internet Users

Too hard to read, you say? You want the numbers to go with it?  Well, you want it – you got it.

Top 30 countries - table view

Top 30 countries - table view

Yes, I know these numbers are also in the first chart, too. Well, that was, uh…a comparison chart, remember? This is a chart with JUST the # of internet users..and it’s got 20 more countries listed…..see the difference?

What’s the point of this? Why would you care? Well, maybe you want to run a PPC campaign on the Content network in Brazil? Or maybe you need to write a report for your class tomorrow, and it’s 11 pm, the night before. Imagine how impressed your teacher will be.

Note: Before you bring it up, yes I KNOW the EU and the UK aren’t single countries, but if that’s how the guys in the dark sunglasses want to categorize it, who am I to split them up? 🙂

According to the CIA factbook, this data ranges from 2006 to 2008, with most of the larger populated country data from 2007-08. By the way, if you use this data for anything, I’d love to know!


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