Wal-Mart Vs. the Internet. Guess Who’ll Win.

Wal-Mart really screwed the pooch when they issued a takedown notice to SearchAllDeals.com (a coupon and retail discount search engine) for the posting of their “SUPER SECRET BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS” – which aren’t scheduled to be released to the public until Nov. 24th, the Monday just before Thanksgiving. Loren Baker has the whole story here.

Why is this a problem? Aren’t they just protecting their proprietary information from their competitors?

Yeah, maybe. But that really misses the big picture.

Don’t you WANT people to hear about what awesome deals you’re going to have on Black Friday, from as many sources as possible? If someone told me that a promotion we were getting ready to release in a week is already being picked up and promoted on a dozen high-traffic websites for FREE, my first reaction would NOT be to pick up the phone and call all those sites or send them letters telling them to remove the promotional offer.  More likely I’d be picking up the phone and bragging about how much business we’re gonna get.

Besides the fact that Wal-Mart probably can’t do anything about it anyway, since you can’t copyright prices, the only thing their lawyers are doing are giving their company some bad press.

That should certainly help out their sales. Not.


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