Update from Tampa BarCamp!

Well, this past weekend was BarCamp in Tampa, and I think it was pretty successful.

Although I was unable to make it to developer day on Saturday, I did attend (and gave a presentation) on Sunday, the new media day.

If you weren’t there, you missed out. My favorite sessions were by Josh Carrico (tweepletwak) and Guy Hagen (twinfluence), both of whom have been developing some pretty sweet twitter apps.

Tweepletwak: Great way to visually track who’s unfollowing you – find out what day (and time, I think) you lost a follower and who you lost. Graphs your activity, and even offers to email you the info once a week. Also allows you to locate other twitterers within a geographical area. It’s still in private alpha, but looks very promising, especially if Josh adds some of the other cool functionality I really want, like downloading follower info to CSV or sorting followers by description tag. Here’s a few screengrabs from my twitter account-

Graph your followers and unfollowers visually with Tweepletwak

Graph your followers and unfollowers visually with Tweepletwak

See how many followers are following a few, or many themselves.

See how many followers are following a few, or many themselves.

Twinfluence: This twitter app is based on the theory that it’s not the quantity of the followers, it’s the quality of the followers. You want to see an estimate of your “sphere of influence”, or how many people you’re actually reaching when you twitter something? You’ll probably be quite surprised at your actual reach – but are you reaching the RIGHT people? Guy took this into consideration as well, and offers up some great analytical data to let you know the depth of your followers follows, etc..

Here’s a screenshot of it in action:

Analyze your twitter influence and reach with twinfluence

Analyze your twitter influence and reach with twinfluence

For those of you who were able to attend, Thanks! I know I said I would post up a list of my SEO tools yesterday, but darn it – I was plain wiped out. No need to worry though, because I didn’t forget about you!

Some of the SEO Tools I use-

Firefox addons– (I’m not about to go into why you need to use Firefox. That’s a debate for another day.)

Webdeveloper toolbar

Does too many things to list, just get it.

Kgen-keyword generator

This is great for producing a visual word cloud of your page’s content. I use pretty much everyday.


Sometimes (or almost always) SEO’s have to fix code issues. This helps out immensely.


Grab a section of the site you’re on and save – Now, with image optimization! sweet.

SEO for Firefox & SEOBook keyword tool

These tools alone will save you hours of research

Rank Checker

Yes, I know you shouldn’t use automated rank checkers. but….

SearchStatus toolbar

check backlinks, pagerank, indexed pages, alexa rank, etc…

Other useful SEO tools:


Yes, it costs money. Yes, you need it.


One person can’t possibly find out about everything cool. Network and conquer.

Other very useful SEO tools:

SEO spyglass




IE tester


Google tools I use:

Google webmaster tools

Google Analytics

Google adwords keyword tool

Goolge adwords traffic estimator (be cautious of results)

Google trends

Google Insights


Search for copies of your page on the Web. Great if you work with freelance copywriters.

User Agent Cloaking Detector

This tool simulates the Googlebot (based on User-Agent) to detect cloaked content

What is Hosted on that IP

This little tool lets you view the virtual hosts on a particular IP

XENU’s Link Sleuth by Tilman Hausherr

Using this tool you can determine if a site has endless loops, broken links, redirects, etc.

Social SEO’s Big 15 list

Not all of these are winners IMO, but most are in my tool set.

Need Competitive Info?

Look no Further. Social SEO hit the jackpot on this post with a mega list of resources.

Analytics mega list.

Social SEO does it again.

Enjoy! If you liked it or found this useful, follow me! twitter.com/pavlicko


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