Cuil- your’e late to the party. Get out.

I was debating over the title of this post. I had originally thougt “cuil-not cool” or something just as un-funny, but then I decided to play this one straight and just state some facts about this little search engine that couldn’t.

The sad part is, as usual – I’m the one late to the party. That bastard Rand at SEOMoz had to go and one-up me, and well frankly-everyone else. Rather than waste a bunch of time blabbering on about what I know while doing my research on Cuil – I’m going to save you the trouble and send you to the SEO big-wigs to get the story and all the facts straight from them. Here’s a quick sample of what the Randman gives us:

SEOmoz user experience chart

SEOmoz user experience chart

Before you go, though – I do have a great picture I grabbed while doing a search on this new search engine yesterday, that I think sums it up perfectly. Here it is:

screenshot of cuil search engine

screenshot of cuil search engine

I think I’ll just stick with the big G and his pals for now.


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